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But I had no right to be. I wanted that boy to suffer. I wanted you to make that boy suffer. I should’ve just let you finish him on the path. – Maybe I should have. – No! You were right and I was wrong. Any fool in this world can be a destroyer. Only a very few can be creators. Don’t trade one for the other. And don’t let me or anyone else make you. You can stay if you want. – (KNOCKING AT DOOR) – Yeah? – Honey? – Daddy, come on in. I just wanted to talk to you about . – Pinhead. – Robert did it. He put him back together. He brought him back. – That’s amazing. – It’s a miracle. His hands can do miracles. You really think a great deal of him, don’t you, honey? Daddy, I love him. I see. You know, I’m not a little girl anymore. No, I know, honey. I just don’t want to see you get hurt, that’s all. Do you really think that Robert would hurt me? No, I don’t mean it that way. It’s just that sometimes these things don’t last. You see, you can give your heart to somebody, and then they’re just not there. Are you talking about Mom? No, I’m not talking about your mother. Look, Daddy, I know that anything can happen, that any of us can be dead tomorrow. I can’t let that . I’m talking about Robert. I’m talking about a temporary situation. I’m talking about a situation that can’t go on indefinitely. Don’t you understand? No! Daddy, I . Don’t you see? Robert is almost through with the puppet. Well, what if he is? I mean, that doesn’t change the way that we feel about one another. – What, are you gonna fire him? – No, I wasn’t going to do anything like that. ‘Cause I want you to know it doesn’t make any difference to me whether or not you do. With his talent he can go anywhere. Honey, please, you’re not listening to me. Well, then tell me, what are you trying to say? I’m trying to say . I’m trying to say that you’re young and that he’s young. And as you said, anything can happen. I mean, if he were to leave . I’m just trying to say . I’m trying to say I don’t want you to be too attached to him. I don’t want you to get too attached to him.

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