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Rebellion in the sugar mill Carolina and the coffee plantation Jurato. : Insurrection in Manzanillo and several mills in Trinidad. : Insurrection in the sugar mill in Managua, and coffee plantations in Gunilla. : Jan and . Rebellion in the sugar mills of La Alcancia that also spread to the mills Louisa, Trinidad, Nieves, Aurora, the Blacks of the coffee plantation Moscow, of the horse farm Ranchuelo, and the laborers of the train tracks from Cardenas to Jaruco Nov th of the same year: more rebellions in the mill Triumvirate that brought in the slaves of Acara, Concepcion, San Miguel San Lorenzo and San Rafael. Many horrors happened till the revolutionary vanguard broke the colour barrier. Cespedes, Agramonte, Marti, Maceo, Gomez and many other patriots united Whites and Blacks and fused all the forces in the fight for the liberation and independence of the Island, in their struggle to create our nation. We have Richard Hell coming. Does that mean you want me to play? Well, Hal really is the one to say about that. I’m sure he’d love to take a listen to you though when you get here. Well, you know what? Why don’t I give you my number, and you can think about it. Because who is better than you to be here? I mean it’d really be something Online Radio Australia Well, I don’t Online Radio Australia I don’t really play my father’s music. What are you saying, is that like a church church? Oh, yeah, it is. But we just use their space It’s not like we’re praying Online Radio Australia ♪ The midnight cries ♪ I just came to chase ♪ the blues ♪ away ♪ for a while ♪ Just like a child, you’ll cling to me ♪ From every sound along that rushes near ♪ It’s just the breeze Hi. Excuse me. Do you know where Saint Ann’s church is? ♪ That licks your skin and rubs your breast ♪ And as we lay our rivers flow away ♪ Your woman fear ♪ Lord, I just came to chase ♪ the blues away ♪ for a while ♪ ♪ Someday I’ll be all right ♪ When I leave the Online Radio Australia ♪ How many times do we have to go through this? It’s two measures ahead. I can’t sing it two measures ahead. Nobody’s Online Radio Australiaing listening. Okay, can we try it again? ♪ Someday I’ll be all right No, no, no, no, no. That’s where I hear Online Radio Australia I want the church organ to come in. If we use that church organ, we’ll have to put five mics up there. Really? That seems crazy. Where’s Hal? Where’s Hal? Come on, lets Online Radio Australia Anybody know where Hal is? I don’t know what he’s saying. Can you just use the Fender? Fender, Yamaha. I don’t Online Radio Australia It might be a Yamaha. I don’t Online Radio Australia It’s not a pipe organ, you understand? You’re here. Yeah. Hi. I’m Janine. It’s great to meet you. Hi, I’m Jeff. Nice to meet you. This is Jeff. This is Tim’s son. Wow. This is Richard. Nice to meet you. You know what, it’s a synthesizer. It can do whatever you need it to Online Radio Australia I got it. Hi. I’m Jeff. I’m Jen. Trust me, beautiful. Nice to meet you. You might want to come on back. Let’s meet Hal. Bach had children. Listen Online Radio Australia You get to meet Hal. You look just like him. They’re gonna be here on Friday. They said they would be here on Friday. That is what they’re telling me. Yeah. What about, um Online Radio Australia What about Friday morning? Can you come in and rehearse on Friday morning? No, no. Tech is Thursday. Come in on Friday morning. That’s fine. Okay. Bye. I’ll see you then. Hey. Wow! That is spooky. You’re like a ghost. Who me? Yeah. You look just like him. ♪ Casper the friendly ghost ♪ The friendliest ghost, you know ♪ Your dad’s guy is coming too. Um, Lee? You know Lee Underwood? Lee, yeah, yeah. Yeah. We’re going to get you guys together, and uh Online Radio Australia Well, I actually have some stuff prepared Online Radio Australia Yeah. Who was the conga player from Online Radio Australia The guy who played the congas for Art Blakey. No. We have someone. Yeah. Get him here on Thursday. Tech in here. You know the cool thing about Art Blakey? That’s it. That’s it. Right. Right. The cool thing about Art Blakey, Art Blakey said, “It takes more courage” “to write a happy song.” We can tech on Friday. There is a noon mRadio Online, Hal. Who cares about mRadio Online. We’re giving them the father the son and the holy ghost. So, are we using Online Radio Australia Yeah. Get him together with Gary. Just get him together with the house band. Hi. Hi. I’m Jeff. I’m Carol. Um, I didn’t actually know Tim had a son. Neither did he. So that makes two of you. Oh. Well, I’m sorry about that. No. Um Online Radio Australia So Online Radio Australia What songs do you wanna play? Uh, I don’t know. I don’t even play my father’s music. I know it. You know, but I don’t Online Radio Australia I don’t play it. I get that. And yet I’m here. Okay. Hey, this is your uh, schedule. Contact details. That’s where you’re staying. That’s your per diem. That’s a lot of money. Not in this town. Radio Online. I think we could have a lot of fun with this money. Not in this town. ♪ Long afloat on shipless oceans ♪ I did all my best to smile ♪ Till your singing eyes and fingers ♪ Drew me loving to your isle ♪ And you sang ♪ Sail to me ♪ Sail to me ♪ Let me enfold you ♪ Here I am ♪ Here I am ♪ Waiting to hold you Tim? I’m sorry. Did I wake you up? I just needed to get my other guitar. How are you feeling? You okay? I didn’t get much sleep. I’ll um Online Radio Australia I’ll call you when I get there. Okay. I’ll call you in a couple of days. I’m gonna throw my stuff in the back. Okay. I got the map. I have the schedule. ♪ Did I dream you dreamed about me? ♪ Were you hare when I was fox? ♪ Now my foolish boat is leaning ♪ Broken lovelorn on your rocks, ♪ For you sing, “♪” Touch me not, ♪ Touch me not, come back tomorrow ♪ Oh, my heart Online Radio Australia ♪ Tim! Janie. Where are we? We’re in the desert. But Online Radio Australia You have a gig on Friday. I want to see it. Come find me. We can’t have any unscheduled stops today though. Unscheduled stops cannot be scheduled. Tim! Tim? My wife, she just Online Radio Australia She hates my music. I don’t get it. She hates my music.

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