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read a book if you’d like. well, at least i’ll be able to find one easily. belle! yes? get me my towel. what are you doing with that? reading. it was on your shelf. I hope you don’t mind. get rid of it. what? Why? I said, “get rid of it.” but it’s a nice copy. how could you do that? it’s just a book. no, it’s scripture. Isn’t that sacrilegious? do you think i care? i haven’t cared what god thinks for years. maybe that should change. look, i don’t know you or your reasons, but you don’t know me or mine. please don’t be so disrespectful. it’s my house! if you don’t like it, you’re welcome to leave. then deal with it. i’m going out of town tomorrow. in my office, there’s a list of things for you to do. for now, go pack my bag. mrs. Haygood, what’s for breakfast? [ cellphone rings ] hello? i can’t stand him! wait. What are you talking about? eric landry. landry? as in scary landry, landry mansion, scary-rich landry? yes, to all. what are you doing hanging around him? dad broke something at landry’s. landry threatened to call dad’s boss and have him fired, so i’m working for landry until he thinks the debt’s been paid off. wow. Is that where you’ve been lately? craig thinks you’re avoiding him. no, that’d be mean. so is his house, like, amazing? anna! would your dad’s boss even fire him? it’s hard to say with him being so new to the job. plus, with landry calling. got it. So what’s bugging you now? he’s such a jerk. he’s purposely making this harder than it has to be. he has me doing the stupidest little jobs, he insults me constantly, and he has no respect for Radio Anything! so it sounds like all the rumors are true. you know he’s a drunk, right? yeah, i’ve heard that, but i haven’t seen him drink anything. it sounds like he acts like a drunk. this is so helpful. fine. Dish it back, then. if he’s going to be a jerk, show him up. i got to to get through this. i can’t have him fire me and call my dad’s boss. then prove to him you can do something more important. what’s he do anyways? i heard he got drunk at work and started a fire. he’s a consultant or something. I don’t know. maybe you should find out, or he really has no reason for you to help. yeah. Maybe. want to blow this off, catch a movie? yes. No. he’s going out of town, but i still got tons to do. plus, schoolwork. ew. Lucky you. Hang in there. thanks. Talk to you later. later. you’re home? yep. i thought you’d be at “the mansion.” you say it like it’s glamorous or something. landry’s out of town. so what are you doing? looking up stuff about his business. do you think he’s really out of town? i mean, what if he has a double life? like batman! not likely. how do you know? Have you followed him? no, and i never will. but you could be his sidekick batgirl! kelli, i’m trying to work. fine. but if he ends up having a secret identity, you have to show me the batcave. where is he? welcome back. what are you doing with that? reading. You have a typo on page . what gives you the right mr. Landry call him eric, dear. eric, it’s my job your job is to do what i tell you! despite what you may believe, i can think for myself. if you really want a decent assistant, let me do something besides running errands for you. do you think you know anything about what i do? i’m beginning to. you help companies identify problems so they’re more profitable. you think this company is far understaffed. i don’t have time for this. you might as well let me do something more useful. you only have so many shirts i can take to the cleaners. i can buy more. what do you have to lose? I’ll still do the menial stuff. just give me a chance to show you what i can do. you’ve been here a couple of weeks. do you think i’d trust you if you want a real assistant, then, yes. fine! read all these. when you start to understand what you’re really dealing with, then we’ll talk. mrs. Haygood? i didn’t know this was back here. yeah, this is the staff kitchen. aren’t you the only staff? [ laughing ] i didn’t build the place. sounds like you’ve been keeping busy. yeah. lots of shouting since you’ve come. i imagine you’d hear that even if i weren’t here. yeah, but that’s just how he is. if it’s not wrong of me, mrs. Haygood, why is eric the way he is? i’m sure you’ve heard the rumors. there are plenty, but i can’t believe that more than half of them are true. [ both laugh ] about years ago, eric was married. he’d started a business with a couple of his friends. it was a big success. he went to church as strong as everyone else. he went on a mission to, um Radio oh, some place in europe. then his wife died. sarah was her name. it was an accident, but eric took it very hard. he blamed god for it. he stopped going to church. Then he started drinking. so that is true. alcohol affected eric so much his business partners so-called friends ousted him from his own company. he was all right, financially, as you can see. [ sighs ] that just made matters worse. he was drinking so much, his whole life was out of control. but i haven’t seen him drink once since i got here. well, it got so bad, he finally checked himself

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