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“Secretary of the Treasury confesses scandal!” “Latest sensation!” “Secretary of the Treasury confesses scandal!” For remembrance. Betsy. He’s almost packed and ready to go. It’s good of you. To come to tell me goodbye. But I didn’t come to tell you goodbye. You didn’t really care for her, did you? No .. [ Door knocks ] Yes? Mr Jefferson and Senator Monroe want to see you, sir. Mr Maurice and Mr Gerald, and a lot of other gentlemen. Alright, I’ll come. My friends. My friends of yesterday. They’ve come to tell me. That my Bill. Has failed. Oh, my dear. Betsy. Wait for me here. No. Let me stand by you. Hmm. Gentlemen. I am at your service. Colonel Hamilton. You see before you men of your own party. As well as your political opponents. They have asked me to speak for them. Now, Mr Jefferson. Let me spare you that painful duty. I know why you are here. You have come in advance of President Washington’s orders. To relieve me of my office. And to tell me .. that my Bill has been defeated. I must accept the verdict. Colonel Hamilton. I have been asked to tell you that every man in this room. Every man in the cabinet. Every man in the Senate. [ Trumpet fanfare! ] [ Trumpet fanfare! ] I have the honor to announce the President Of The United States. Colonel Hamilton. I have come to express my confidence in your integrity. You have upheld the honor of the Secretary of the Treasury. At the expense of Alexander Hamilton the man. By your courageous action you have swung all parties to your support. Your Bill has been passed by an overwhelming vote. Oh my dear .. President Washington. I am deeply moved. By this expression of your confidence. And by the generosity of these gentlemen. In their judgemeñt of me. But the passage of my Bill. Has stirred within me a still deeper feeling. The defeat .. or the victory .. Of Alexander Hamilton the man. Is of small value çompared .. With the honor of this great nation. By the pässing of this Bill .. You have established the credit of the United States. You have opened the floodgates of prosperity. A prosperity that will reach far beyond our present vision. A prosperity .. From the highly anticipated va industries press conference. Hey, mom. Hi, sweetheart. Hi. Find out soon here on news . Aw, you’re so sweet. Thank you. And is approximately light years away. They’re beautiful. How are you? Oh, I’m fine. Announcer up next, va industries’ ceo Elias Van dorne is expected to announce the details Of his highly anticipated project, kronos. Very little is known about kronos, but sources say It is unlike anything the world has ever seen. There have been large protests all over the globe In anticipation of the announcement. And theories about what exactly kronos is I have to go, mom. Oh, all right. Don’t work too hard. I won’t. You have all lost so much. We intend to restore it to you. I stand before you tonight to announce The first true artificial intelligence: Kronos. True artificial intelligence Kronos will soon solve The problems that have plagued humanity. Problems that have plagued humanity.

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