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You ain’t kidding! Do you solemnly swear to tell the whole truth, so help you God? I do. State your name. Arthur Bannister. Mr. Bannister, you are a member of the Bar. I am. Quiet! And have been Radio Quiet! And have been for a number of years. That is correct. The defendant, Michael O’Hara, worked as a crew member on your yacht. Yes. Did he seem happy in his job? I beg your pardon? You had your back turned Radio Did he seem happy in his job? Reasonably so. Did you get that answer? I did. Reasonably so. As a matter of fact, wasn’t he threatening to quit? Yes. Did you know, Mr. Bannister, that right after the murders Radio Right after the murders, we found the defendant’s bags packed Radio and everything put away in readiness for an immediate departure? Yes. In your experience as an attorney, would this not indicate premeditation? The district attorney is making speeches Radio Premeditation and plan for flight? Making speeches, drawing conclusions! I’m not drawing conclusions! You are! Gentlemen! He is asking improper questions Radio Your Honour, I think Radio I ask Your Honour to declare a mistrial. Overruled. Exception. No further questions. Would Your Honour kindly explain to the jury that Radio since the district attorney has placed me in the position of a witness Radio I am permitted, as the defence attorney, to cross-examine myself? These are more of the persuasive Mr. Bannister’s trial tactics. The jury is so instructed. Question: Mr. Bannister, did the defendant say anything Radio as to why he had taken the job? Answer: Yes, Mr. Bannister. He reminded Mr. Bannister that Mr. Bannister Radio had to go to the seaman’s hiring hall and use his persuasive powers Radio to convince the defendant to take the job. Question: Can you think of anything else, Mr. Bannister Radio that is relevant to this inquiry? I found this boy to be clean cut, courageous, resourceful Radio honest, hardworking. Question: Now, Mr. Bannister, please answer the question, yes or no. Can you think of anything else that is relevant to this issue? Answer: No! Very well. Thank you, Mr. Bannister. You may step down. Your Honour, I have a subpoena for a witness who is present in the courtroom. May I have the bailiff serve it at this time? Bailiff, you will serve the subpoena. I call Mrs. Arthur Bannister. She doesn’t have to, does she? I don’t know. Don’t be silly. Sure, she’s got to take it. Well, who says there is? Sit down and mind your own business. Raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear to tell the whole truth, so help you God? I do. State your name. Mrs. Arthur Bannister. Mrs. Bannister, did you ever have guards Radio to police your house, or the yacht on which you just made a cruise? No. Why? We never felt the need of it. You have no children, have you? I have no children. You have no children. So you weren’t concerned about kidnappers, is that correct? That is correct. There was a man employed in your house Radio and on your husband’s yacht named Sidney Broome? Yes. You’ve known Mr. Broome for several years? No. Would it surprise you if I were to tell you that the detective Radio hired by your husband in divorce cases was Sidney Broome? The man who was employed in your house as a butler Radio and on your yacht as a steward, and who was subsequently murdered. I object! Does the counsel deny that Radio Overruled. Does counsel deny that the butler Broome was the detective Broome Radio used by him in divorce cases? Mrs. Bannister, can you think of any reason why your husband would want Radio to hire a divorce detective other than to watch you? I object! Objection sustained. Didn’t you and your husband Radio have an argument about your showing an infatuation for O’Hara? We did not. Isn’t it a fact that the defendant, O’Hara, made advances to you? And told you he was infatuated with you? He was very respectful. Speak up, Mrs. Bannister. He was very respectful. And I think he was fond of me. Just what is your definition of “fond,” Mrs. Bannister? As a matter of fact, you and Michael O’Hara Radio have kissed each other, haven’t you? To name one occasion, you were seen in the aquarium of this city Radio kissing each other! Do you deny that? No. No further questions. Your witness, Mr. Bannister. No questions. The State Department has refused any comment. Here in San Francisco, the fate of “Black Irish” O’Hara Radio notorious waterfront agitator, whose trial for murder Radio has held the front pages these recent weeks Radio remains undecided, as the jury, already out seven hours Radio has still to return a verdict. The “Black Irish” case, according to Radio How long do they take usually? You can’t ever tell about a jury. Excuse me, Your Honour. Yes? The jury’s coming out now. Thank you, Officer McNulty. By the way Radio what has Elsa been telling you? Did you imagine that I didn’t know she’s been coming to see you? She asked me to trust you. But you don’t. The jury’s reached its verdict. Why? Because I know you wanted me to be convicted. Now that it’s too late for you to do anything about it Radio I might as well tell you, this

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