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No. Oh, danny must be so scared. helicopter approaching How old is danny? He’s nine. You know, I bet his teachers Are taking good care of him Right now as we speak. Yeah, but he’s disabled. All the more reason why they’ll look out for him. No, you don’t understand. He’s disabled because of me. sobbing I was driving… And I tried to pass And I was going too fast. And the truck, it just came out of nowhere. And there was nothing I could do. Now when I look at my son Any time he looks at me I feel like he’s afraid to be with me. Hey. Dori… I need people to trust me, too So I know something about what you’re feeling. I know I can’t take your feeling away But I want you to know that From the moment I met you I trusted you And I felt safer. You did? laughing really? Are you kidding? I mean, the city is literally crumbling around us And you’ve still got it in you To take me with you. Woman on p.A system ): We will take you to a medical collection point for treatment. Please board this vehicle if you need medical assistance. We will take you to a medical collection point for treatment. Please board this vehicle if you need medical assistance. Alice… Thank you. Thank you, dori. Now go and find your son. Okay. Take care. Hey, what do you do, anyway? I’m a psychiatrist. laughing A psychiatrist and an interior designer? Boy, have we got our work cut out for us now, huh? First of the fema urban search and rescue teams Is lifting off from stewart air force base En route to manhattan. They want a destination. Man over walkie-talkie ): -. Uh, we copy that. We’re going to get supply seven To report to eight, four. Over. Grant high. Nicholai, are you sure about this? Yes, very sure. Well, I’m not. It’s only one more floor. It’s dangerous. I must go. Please, don’t. Yes, of course. You wait here. I’ll be right back. No. It’s crazy. Don’t go in. Oh… Used to be nice. Not much, but just beginning. Yeah. Why don’t you get what you need. Let’s get out of here. Yes. Is this a diploma? Yes. Moscow university. Mathematics. Here. Is that everything? Yes. Except for this. You sure? Yes. Sure. We go. Good-bye, room. Thank you. You should rest. I’m fine. Nora… If anyone shouldn’t be doing this, it’s you. grunts Hey, hey. I can get my hand through this opening. Let me see. water trickling What’s the matter? It’s wet. Oh, boy. Can I get a light up here? There’s water up here. It’s seeping down through the rocks. Linda: What does that mean? It means the water’s above us. water rushing screaming Move! all yelling Yo, help! Help! Help! Can somebody hear me? Help! Earthquakes. Man, california stuff. Ah, damn! Out of all the ways I thought I might die Man, stabbed, shot, but never trapped Starving to death in a church. There’s a sandwich and a piece of fruit In that bag you took the money out of. I thought you were… Asleep. Asleep… With all that racket you’ve been making? You want some? No. I lost my appetite. Well, I’m not that hungry either. Damn, why they don’t come looking for us? They don’t know we’re here. Gonna die ’cause you wanted me to sweep the floor. Noname. What’s your real name? Real name? Come on. Where are your folks? You don’t have no folks, do you? Damn. You talk too much. I was a nurse once. It always saddened me to see a newborn babe With no one But a total stranger to welcome him to this world. A person’s name is supposed to glow With the love in which it’s given. Nobody around then, nobody around now. I’m still here. We’re in this mess together. Don’t you know that? I don’t know what god has in mind But it’s sure something. God sure has something in mind. garbled radio transmissions Hey, lady! Get out of there! shrieking ): My baby! Fema! Am I glad to see you guys! I’m summerlin, engine company . Looks like you could use a hand here. We’ve got some preliminary shoring set in place But we’ve gone in as deep as we can without help. Well, if we can’t give these people some answers At least we can give them some hope. Well, let’s do it. May I have your attention? May I have your attention, please? My name is bruce ramsey. I’m the task force leader For this fema urban search and rescue team. We’ll be deploying specially trained dogs Fiber-optic video cameras and infrared sensors. We’ll do everything within our power To get your loved ones Out from underneath this mess. If your child is in here, we will find them. Now, please, please… Be patient and stay back so we can do our jobs. Ma’am? Ma’am! Curfew’s been ordered. You have to get off the street. I got to get to my son’s school. I’ve been walking all afternoon, please. Board the bus. It’ll take you to a collection point Where you’ll be safe. Maybe your son’s there. No, you don’t understand. I need to find my son now. I haven’t got a choice! Orders are “everyone off the street until dawn.” But what if he’s out here on the street? Then hopefully, ma’am, somebody will find him. Hello! I’m looking for somebody who owns a boat. Kind of late for sightseeing. Actually, I, uh… Radio said they don’t want no more people Going to manhattan.

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